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Mon, Aug. 15th, 2005, 09:42 pm
painofredsatine: (no subject)

Room update:

Me (paid)
Jenn (paid minus $2)
Mal (paid total)
Nicole (payment plan)
Jason (paid minus $10)
maybe Max
maybe Mary

Total money towards the room is $148 so we're about half wayish.

Estimate cost per person is $38 total.

I need to be paid at least the $30 down payment before I go to college on Thursday.

I'll update on costumes later.

Wed, Jul. 27th, 2005, 11:04 pm
painofredsatine: (no subject)

As I'm kinda lazy...I'm not putting costume updates up right now. I'll come up with a revised list soon ^^ Promise ^^

Final base material purchases will be made soon. I think basically that's the red material for the Vincent Valentine cape and the purple for the Time Mage. I hope to make those purchases by the end of the week.

Bills should be finalized tonight. These will only include what has been purchased so far. Another bill will come either when I get a lot of more materials for your costume...or your costume is done and I am giving any final purchase charges and my small commission fee ^^;;

As for AWA, our room as of now consists of:

and perhaps one or two more.

At current estimate (seven people) the price will be $38.75. I'm asking for a down payment of $30 dollars right now (By August 17th at absolute latest, otherwise I'm going to have to cancel the reservation) and you can either give me the rest now (it would be appreciated) or you can give it to me **before** getting into the room the Friday night of AWA. Paying the full amount would be appreciated because I will not be loaning money on that Friday. If you don't pay the final balance that friday you lose your $30 and your room. I'm sorry to be so mean about it but I can't risk ending up with a $272 bill to pay. Also as a reminder...if you end up not being able to go...you lose the deposit you made on the room, it's the only way I can ensure that no one gets stuck paying too much.

********Special Note!!!********** AWA tickets must be purchased by the August 25th to get the discounted price. Make sure you also buy the ticket to the Ball. The t-shirt is up to you (but if you want one I'd suggest it since they sell out quickly at the con) If you don't purchase them by then you will have to buy them at the door at normal price and you will also have to buy the ball ticket at the door. DON'T FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mon, Jul. 25th, 2005, 10:55 pm
painofredsatine: (no subject)

Um...bills for costume materials already purchased will be going out very soon, or when I next talk to you ^^ Right now the bills are low...and most costumes have all the material purchased ^^

And as for people in our room...I need room deposits. Right now the deposit in thirty bucks...People will likely have to chip in a bit more once we figure in tax, but thirty is the deposit and is required like...soon ish. Lol ^^


Sun, Jul. 10th, 2005, 10:43 pm
painofredsatine: (no subject)

Costume update time I guess lol.

* Dancer top is about 90% complete and now that I have pattern material (15yds of it lol) I'll be able to do the bottom. Shawl done. Belt/gloves not done.
* Luna top is about 50% done...I have to add interface, lining and trim. Skirt has had dye tested, one more to try then I might be ready to do it lol.
* Bumblebee girl, have skirt, need shirt, need material for leggings
* Karen just needs all the little extras which I'm putting off until I get the main part of other costumes done.
* Cheshire cat is eh. It takes me an hour to make each stripe so it's taking awhile.

* Mad Hatter material has been purchased...we need to go buy body suits sometime this week.
* Arashi, need to see if we can find a cheap jacket to alter, otherwise I've picked out the material
* Bumblebee girl, have skirt, need shirt, need material for leggings

* Doormouse material is prewashed, pattern needs to be adjusted and then cut. We need to buy a body suit.
* Satsuki is done but needs small adjustments.
* Bumblebee girl, need skirt, need shirt, have material for leggings
* Need to determine fourth

* Bunny costume has been made, tested, and scrapped. Need to adjust pattern and redo.
* Nekoi dress has been bought, needs to be adjusted, jacket has been bought, needs to have details added, accessories need to be made, wings need to be made.
* Bumblebee girl, need skirt, need shirt, have material for leggings
* Black Lady, need wig, need dress, need material

* Monk, have material, need measurements so I can design pattern.

* Time Mage white, yellow/gold, and red material has been bought, need the purple and measurements.

* Vincent Valentine material has been chosen but I couldn't afford it so I didn't buy it today, need measurements

* Miyuki-chan material has been bought, need measurements.

* Miwako, need to check out stores to buy base items.

Wow...I have a lot to do lol.

Sat, Jul. 9th, 2005, 01:34 am
painofredsatine: (no subject)

Costume Matierial Update:

Aleah-two decisions made, Arashi material to be decided sunday
Mal-three decisions made
Jenn-three decisions made
Ashley-Material discussed and general decisions made
Nicole-to be discussed sat. night
John-decision making left to me
Sam-decision making left to me
Corey-Material discussed and decisions made

People that have material decisions to make:
Aleah- for fourth costume and Arashi
Mal- for fourth costume
Jenn- for fourth costume

Don't forget...I need decisions by Saturday night at midnight ^^

Tomorrow/today you'll get a costume status update. ^^ Wuv

Wed, Jul. 6th, 2005, 11:19 pm
painofredsatine: (no subject)



I have just over two months to complete all these costumes and since I'm going to be spending around $100 to $150 dollars and likely around 50 man hours on my Luna wig alone...I can't keep putting everyone's costumes off. For people that I've purchased material for I should have prices out soon...I just have to tally bills. I'll likely do that while watching DNAngel tonight (btw Jenn...I failed and bought disc 2 lol).

Anyway. Luv ^^

Wed, Jul. 6th, 2005, 07:50 pm
shadowbc: ...ItS gOnNa GeT yOu YoUr DiAmOnD rInGs, StReTcH oUt YoUr PuRsE sTrInGs...

Isn't Leehom the cat's meow ^^? *GUSH*

Anyway. Since Jenn put her costumes up here for all the other SCC members to see, thought maybe I should do the same. SOOO. Here ya go.

  • Arashi ((X/1999)) - Black & white schoolgirl uniform
  • The Mad Hatter ((Miyuki-chan in Wonderland))
  • Bumblebee girl ((Hyung Tae Kim, War of Genesis II and III -?-)) - Green!!

The 4th costume is still pending/being debated upon...Opinions???

  • Mistress 9 ((Sailor Moon))
  • Yuuko, The Time Witch ((XXXHolic)) - French maid costume

Mon, Jul. 4th, 2005, 11:41 pm
shiroi_nami: (no subject)

J-ho, when should we go look for Black Lady's slinky dress?

Mon, Jul. 4th, 2005, 09:27 pm
painofredsatine: (no subject)

So costume update time.

(btw...check out www.cosplaylab.com and search for JChan for more specific numerical and checklist updates)

Luna is closer, tried out dyeing techniques for the material...didn't work >< but hey, got a few more to try. Slowly cutting and sewing the trim for the top and after I get lining I'll be able to add the darts and it'll be complete.

Dancer should be complete this week, have to sew the adjustments into the top, add the buttons and zippers and sew the skirt...not too bad. Having trouble finding the metal I want for the belt and gloves though ><

Bunny should also be done this week, have to finish the sewing and have Jenn try it on before I complete it.

Doormouse is on it's way, have the pattern and just have to cut and sew the material then have Mal try it on...and buy a body suit.

Jenn's X/1999 one is amazingly almost done. Hell yeah...$27 dollars for the costume.

Material purchased for:
Mad Hatter
Luna's skirt

Hopefully seeing John sometime this week to discuss materials and get measurements. ^^

Still need to talk to Corey and Sam... ^^;;; >

Sun, Jul. 3rd, 2005, 01:06 pm
shiroi_nami: "Just cause we're AWESOME."

So...Jenn-chan's costumes are as follows...

  • Orange and White Yuzuriha outfit
  • Pink Bumblebee Girl
  • Miss Bunny
  • Black Lady


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