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Tue, Jun. 28th, 2005, 12:06 am
painofredsatine: AWA

So St. Claire Cosplay is confirmed for AWA ^^ We booked our room on Sunday, and only fifty were left as of Friday.

Thank god we got the room.

As for the people that are joining in a few of our cosplays...if you end up not getting a room then we may be able to take in one or two people, the room already has eight but it's not like we're in it that often. We'll figure something out.

And oh yeah....

I NEED COSTUME STUFF SOON >< DISCUSSIONS MUST BE HAD IF I HAVE NOT HAD ONE WITH YOU ALREADY. Two of my costumes are half done and I don't want to get stressed come August and September.

I love you ^^

Sun, Jun. 19th, 2005, 01:11 am
painofredsatine: Let the bidding begin!

Okay everyone. Here's how this is going to work. This entry is going to have listings of all the costumes and the material prices of ones I looked at. What I need to know though is what you want your costume to look like. My goal was to find material I thought would flow right or be stiff enough depending on costume and I also looked pretty much at only decently priced material. The more you're willing to spend, the nicer it will look. Period. ^^ So if you want it to be shiny, then I need to know, if you don't want it shiny at all, tell me, thickness, if you want to make sure something is exactly one way, let me know. ^^ These costumes are for you not me so I want you to be happy with them. My goal is just to make it look as close as possible. Also some characters will have listings of stuff I think should be bought instead of made...if you want me to make it instead...I need to know ASAP as I may need to adjust costume-making scheduling then.

***The order in which costumes will be made is partially determined by me and partially determined by when people get me the money for the material. As for commission costs (which unfortunately I have to ask for a little ><) we'll discuss them once I'm done and it will be pretty much based on how many hours I spent but right now it's a friend's discount. So once we have discussed and decided on material get me the money so you're costume can become a priority!***

Price/yd width

In no particular order:

Mad Hatter:
Sun Silkey
Navy blue (grapeish colour)
4.99/yd 48 in
(thin, silkey, shiny)

Silk Essence
Navy or Royal (maybe)
3.99/yd 45 in
(thin, silkey, less shiney or textured)

Peachskin solids
6.99/yd 44 in
(thin, slight texture)

Plush felt
Plush white
4.99/yd 45 in
(white short fur)

Couple others we can look at on Monday

Country Classic Solid
Hunter CC solid
2.99/yd 44 in
(solid, no texture)

Country Classic Solid
6245 Hunter
2.99/yd 44 in
(solid, no texture)

Other materials yet to be determined, those were just for the green.

Vincent Valentine:
Gabardine Solids Fashion Knits
Red Gabardine
5.99/yd 58 in
(textured with slight lines barely visible, slight sheen)

Amaretto Solid
4.99/yd 54 in (or maybe it was 84)
(lightweight, slight texture)

11 x 11 LNS
Tango Red Madonna SL
9.99/yd 44 in
(lined texture, I believe it was heavier)

Fourth option is a nicer material, perhaps like velvet which would flow well, or a satin which would be shiny (not sure if that works with the char though) but flow gracefully.
I think it would be easier to buy a black shirt which additions and alterations could be made to and same with some sort of new length baggy pants, I have some that would work but they don’t sell them anymore so I’m not sure if that’s a possibility to buy. Also, a boot would be easier bought than made, additions would just be added.

BLK Trigger
5.99/yd 59 in
(Stiff, little to no texture)

BLK Wrinklease
6.99/yd 44 in
(slight texture)

Monk - FFT:
For Reds see Vincent Valentine

Ponte Double Knt
Royal Blue or Navy Ponte
5.99/yd 50 in

I’ll post these later after I narrow them down some ^^

Time Mage - FFT:
I’m thinking that unless you want a complete smooth fabric (which means slightly shimmery…think fancy dresses but not the shiny ones) then the heapest and best option would be the country solids which run about 2.99-3.99 a yard. Smooth material runs around 7.99-9.99 a yd.

Material Purchased for:
Cheshire Cat
Ms. Bunny
½ of Luna costume

Material to be researched:
Yuuko maid outfit
Mal’s 4th costume
Jenn’s 4th costume

Things to keep in mind:
Details…any extras will cost more, sometimes a cheaper fabric will look just as good.
Too shiny of a fabric does not photograph very well.
Most material will be bought using 40%-50% off coupons or on sale to the best of my ability. I want the best looking costumes at a decent price ^^
If you aren’t sure about a fabric just post a comment and we can discuss ^^

Tomorrow I’ll put up an estimated calendar, pending money and material and help.


Thu, Jun. 16th, 2005, 12:26 am
painofredsatine: (no subject)

Well costuming season has started for AWA ^^ As of right now I have around 20 costumes in the works.

1. Cheshire Cat
2. Mad Hatter
3. Doormouse
4. Ms. Bunny
5. Miyuki-chan
6. Link
7. Vincent Valentine
8. Arashi
9. FFT for John
10. Dancer
11. FFT for Corey
12. Kotohri
13. Bumble bee girl Yellow
14. Bumble bee girl Green
15. Bumble bee girl pink
16. Bumble bee girl blue
17. Luna
18. Yuuko the maid version
19. Mal's 4th costume
20. Jenn's 4th costume

I'm in the process of material decisions and scheduling so if I'm supposed to make you a costume please let me know as soon as possible otherwise I may not have time to complete it.

We're having a sizing day soon so be prepared!


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