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Mon, Jul. 4th, 2005, 09:27 pm

So costume update time.

(btw...check out www.cosplaylab.com and search for JChan for more specific numerical and checklist updates)

Luna is closer, tried out dyeing techniques for the material...didn't work >< but hey, got a few more to try. Slowly cutting and sewing the trim for the top and after I get lining I'll be able to add the darts and it'll be complete.

Dancer should be complete this week, have to sew the adjustments into the top, add the buttons and zippers and sew the skirt...not too bad. Having trouble finding the metal I want for the belt and gloves though ><

Bunny should also be done this week, have to finish the sewing and have Jenn try it on before I complete it.

Doormouse is on it's way, have the pattern and just have to cut and sew the material then have Mal try it on...and buy a body suit.

Jenn's X/1999 one is amazingly almost done. Hell yeah...$27 dollars for the costume.

Material purchased for:
Mad Hatter
Luna's skirt

Hopefully seeing John sometime this week to discuss materials and get measurements. ^^

Still need to talk to Corey and Sam... ^^;;; >

Tue, Jul. 5th, 2005 03:39 am (UTC)

Just give me a call whenever you want me to come over and try on the bunny costume :) I'm so proud of my J-Momma, she's like a costume sewing prodigy!

((And yay for you! You're listening to Drug Store Cowboy!!! How many of their songs do you have? I only have one...if you have anymore, may I stealy them from you?))

<3 Jenn-chan