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Wed, Jul. 6th, 2005, 07:50 pm
shadowbc: ...ItS gOnNa GeT yOu YoUr DiAmOnD rInGs, StReTcH oUt YoUr PuRsE sTrInGs...

Isn't Leehom the cat's meow ^^? *GUSH*

Anyway. Since Jenn put her costumes up here for all the other SCC members to see, thought maybe I should do the same. SOOO. Here ya go.

  • Arashi ((X/1999)) - Black & white schoolgirl uniform
  • The Mad Hatter ((Miyuki-chan in Wonderland))
  • Bumblebee girl ((Hyung Tae Kim, War of Genesis II and III -?-)) - Green!!

The 4th costume is still pending/being debated upon...Opinions???

  • Mistress 9 ((Sailor Moon))
  • Yuuko, The Time Witch ((XXXHolic)) - French maid costume